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File Name: Warpath

File Submitter: Sky

File Submitted: 05 Jul 2011

File Category: Team Fortress


- retextured

- spawn rooms are locked unless you are on that specific spawnroom

- health kits and ammo packs distributed through out the map to counter the Valve updates and to help map flow

- Added a little cover in the middle of the map to help gameflow in that specific area

- added 2 ladders near cp 2 and 4 to stop that area slowing the gameplay down. Ladders help both offense and defensive in those areas

- added ambient sounds throughout the map

- fixed cp2 and cp4 building lights, brushwork, and other various small issues

- timer set to 30 minutes and each cap will award 2 minutes additional time

- added nobuild areas to the tops of all cp buildings, you can still build on cp2 and 4 along the ledges (if you can get up there)

- spawn timers adjusted to 5 seconds instead of instant to help teams move forward

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