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File Name: Mainline

File Submitter: Sky

File Submitted: 05 Jul 2011

File Category: Team Fortress

Change Log from RC5 to rc6

-Removed the "fake doors"

-Big fps boost around 2nd and mid point.

-Removed the crate at mid and placed a platform

-Made 2nd easier to defend by putting a door where the glass window was so that makes it easier to defend it.

-Removed the small health pack at 2nd point.

-Lowered the cap point on last, height wise so it should be easier to attack it and attacking it.

-Removed the big pipe on last and raised the ground so its easier accessing the point.

-Fixed the splash dmg at mid.

-Added a cover when you get out of the first spawn so it takes some time to get around it and get to the point and people wont hide in the spawn.

-Made mid less scout friendly by removing the boxes so it will take more time for a scout to get up the train.

-Fixed a few other things as well.

-Moved the ammo pack on 2nd so its easier to see.

-Moved back the health cabinets in the spawn so its easier to attack last.

-Lowered the respawn times.

-Widen all the small entrances.

-Drastically shorten the valley side so its more useful now.

-Resized the size of the last point so its much smaller now for 6v6.

-Reworked all the interior areas.

-Added a route at last.

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