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  1. Beunos... I don't "write" very good Spanish so i apologies for this post being in English, below will be a ghetto Google translation version: Tonight i was banned after being told that if you don't speak Spanish you can not be on the server, this was brought up by player desrt in live chat saying MrG doesn't speak Spanish to which Slowhand then promptly banned me after telling me in English that: now where did the server state that Spanish was a requirement for playing on the server or i really misssed it. I was invited to your group and decided to join the nightly Event to play with some new people. I enjoy the server, and would love to continue playing on it to get to know local gamer's in Costa Rica since i live here. When someone speaks English, why not first warn them instead of warn and then instantly ban them from the server ? I have no issues not speaking at all, and believe it or not, it does help with my Spanish to listen to other speak and type it. So instead of just banning people, why not encourage them? I can understand as many "English only" servers exist and other languages, and i do think those are silly as well since Games should bond together not push other away. Do i have a chance to get back on...and perhaps clearly show a list of requirements for GamingCR or a MOTD with rules? Likely very bad google translate version game history.txt
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