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  1. This is Marck Henan from Team SomE Gaming, and I do need to get in contact with you Legolas, as soon as possible, pls add me on your msn, sky_rush3r@hotmail.com ... Thank you
  2. More comfirmed players for this event : LinYu)pj iG.Arcneon MgZ)NapoLeon ID.Cocoa- mYm.Stinger EnerGy[somE] Darki[CKG] Sen[pG]
  3. Unfortunelly, SGT forgot to add in this new 2 more new members MysT[somE] = Brazil - 4th place WCG Brazil 2005 Skalin[somE] = Korea - Top 20 in kalimdor server
  4. May I have to make clear, that eGe is a strong team, not only in Canada, and Kirby[TQ] is #1 at azeroth ladder atm... So it wasn't easy but it will get better .....
  5. Team [somE] Gaming Association has been a BW team since some time already with top players from Euro and America , for further info visit our website at http://some.ernci.com (The main site is changing hoster, so if u find the site not working, pls post here to let u know the new url) There is a Gaming evolution, there is a new gaming experience, it's name is [somE]....
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