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- M4/MP5 rebalanced to approximate the current calibre of AK47/74u for wider variety of gun use with revised hitbox system

- Game environment physics further reduced (10-15 % FPS Boost)

- Car's instantaneously delete glass/bumper/bonnet from game environment (FPS Boost)

- Deadly bolts for sniper rifles introduced to potentially remove chest & neck direct hit tagging on a moving target

- End of round no longer freezes the player to the floor, enabling free movement whilst scores appear

- Promod graphic setting "Stock lighting" has now been restored to its original value

- Various security enhancements added

- Shoutcaster overlay now supports widescreen monitors

- RUP function lagg fixed

- Logprints added to rup mode indicating which area of the model has been hit

- Revised Intensive hitbox (see below)

Intensive aim-based hitbox feature

- Damage amplifier to legs/arms changed from 0.7 to 0.8 to fixed 99 damage issue

- Damage amplifier to feet & hands lowered from 0.7 to 0.6

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