Mejores Jugadores de DotA del 2008

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The year 2008 has finally come to an end and has produced the ranking of the year's best DotA players as a recap of the wonderful great memories of the past year.

Some players excelled to the point where they got awarded multiple titles, while some dominated one and only category - as DotA is a teamgame where a team consists of 5 players of which each plays a different role, it is nearly impossible to have a player win multiple categories.

Who owned the most? Who bought the most wards? Who was the most dominant on ventrilo? Who farmed the most? Meet the creme de la creme!

Top 5 Gankers:

5-Rush3D.PGG (as Lina)

4-Ks.Yamateh (as Tinker)

3-Vigoss (as Earthshaker)

2-DTS|Dendi (as Nerubian Assasin)

1-MYM|MaNia- (Nerubian Assasin)

Top 5 Carries:

5- Rush3D.Light (as PotM)

4-SK|Loda (as Spectre)

3-Ks.Int^KuroKy (as Clinkz)

2-Ks.Yamateh (as Tinker)

1-MYM|Fear (as Bristleback) *Recommended Replay*

Top 5 Support:

5-Fnatic.Melen (as Warlock)

4-DTS|Axypa (as Warlock)

3-SK|Hailo (as Shadow Priest)

2-Rush3D.NS (as Enchantress)

1-MYM|PusHer (Replay)


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Light (as any carry)

si la memoria no me enga*a, creo que travka merece mas lugar que Fear, al menos mientras jugo. Aunque talvez Fear esta sonando mucho ultimamente.

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